More About Me

My best friend and I partnered to create the Ohana Real Estate Group. I have always had a
passion for art, design, and beautiful things. Though I first had a long career as a hairdresser and
salon owner, I have always been interested in the real estate industry – my family has been in
the real estate realm for many years. I feel a magnetism to beautiful
homes, interior design and the desire to cater to my clients for their ultimate satisfaction.
Owning my own business for many years has allowed me to perfect my communication skills,
artistic eye, and the many details that come with business ownership. I believe this experience of being organized, efficient and productive helps to lend a unique touch to my work as a Realtor. Opportunities are valued and offered personalized, white glove service to ensure every client has the very best experience I can offer.
Fun fact about myself: I was born in Germany on Christmas Day!